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Illumina enters into collaboration with Cancer Research UK, April 12th 2006

By Tom Neilson

Wednesday 12 April 2006

Illumina is to conduct genotyping of prostate cancer patients and controls in order to help researchers funded by Cancer Research UK to understand the genetic causes of the disease.

From the work, it is hoped that it will be possible in the future to design and validate biomarkers associated with prostate cancer susceptibility and disease progression, as well as to facilitate development of improved therapeutic approaches.

Under the terms of the agreement, valued at nearly $7 million, Illumina’s service group will conduct whole-genome genotyping for at least 4,000 well-classified prostate patients and controls.

A second phase will involve development of a custom, 12-sample BeadChip that will enable analysis of 24,000 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) per sample and be used to genotype at least 8,000 samples.

Illumina is also collaborating with Cancer Research UK on genotyping colorectal cancer samples and controls.

"My colleagues and I believe firmly that this type of research will yield dramatically improved understanding of prostate cancer and thereby outcomes for cancer patients," said Harpal Kumar, COO of Cancer Research UK.