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odontogenic myxoma

Monday 10 April 2006

Definition: Odontogenic myxoma is a benign odontogenic neoplasm resembling the mesenchymal portion of the tooth forming unit, the dental papillae.


- Odontogenic myxoma.Rapid growing tumor lower jaw in a 12y/o,benign but aggressive tumor

Clinically they more often occur in the mandible, generally in the posterior regions, and occur in the second to third decade of life. There is no gender predilection. They may be unilocular of multilocular on radiographs and have a well demarcated, corticated border, consistent with their benign histology.

On microscopic examination, myxomas are relatively acellular, with pale basophilic mesenchymal matrix with prominent thin walled vascular channels. These lesions may contain a variable number of epithelial rests. The background is composed of spindled or stellate cells with small nuclei. Mitoses are very rare.

Because of its gelatinous nature, tumor enucleation can be difficult. Enucleation followed by chemical cauterization is often the therapeutic management of choice for small lesions. Larger lesions may require resection. Recurrence rates vary significantly based on initial treatment and size of the lesion at initial diagnosis.


- aberrant hypertetraploid karyotype in malignant odontogenic myxoma (10992937)

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