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Tuesday 7 February 2006

myopericytomas; benign myopericytoma

Definition: Myopericytoma is a benign tumor composed of cells that show apparent differentiation towards putative perivascular myoid cells called myopericytes. Myopericytoma arises most commonly in the dermis or subcutaneous tissue of the extremities in adults.


- Myopericytoma : circumscribed multilayered growth of short spindle cells around ectatic vessels. SMA (+).

Myopericytoma (MPC) is a recently proposed term to describe a group of tumours that originate from perivascular myoid cells and show a range of histological growth patterns. Only a small number of series describing MPC have been reported. MPC is frequently misdiagnosed as a sarcoma.


- painful slowly growing nodule
- concentric perivascular arrangement of plump spindle shaped cells
- concentric pattern around blood vessels
- myoid-appearing spindle cells
- accentuation the vessel walls
- fascicles of spindle cells, embedded in a myxoid stroma, bulged into the lumina of lesional vessels, reminiscent of myofibroma/myofibromatosis


- intravascular myopericytoma (12358814)


- tumoral spindle cells positive for

Diiferential diagnosis

- infantile myofibroma (infantile myofibromatosis )
- infantile hemangipericytoma
- liposarcomas
- monophasic synovial sarcoma
- angiomatoid MFH
- fibroma
- perineurioma
- leiomyoma
- leiomyosarcoma
- giant cell tumor of tendon sheath
- reparative giant cell granuloma
- angioleiomyoma
- glomus tumor
- hemangiomas
- arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

Features MPC IMF
HPC-like vascular space ++ +
concentric perivascular proliferation +++ +
zonation/biphasic appearance + +++
glomus-like cells + to +++ -
hyalinized paucicellular areas + +++
myoid-like cells + ++
primitive cells + ++
intravascular bulging + ++
intravascular proliferation + ++
myoid nodules +/- ++
tumoral necrosis - +

From Dray et al., 2006 (16394283)

See also

- myopericytic tumors

  • malignant myopericytoma


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