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MIM.605496 9q33

Monday 23 January 2006


- FGFR1/CEP1 fusion gene by t(8;9)(p12;q33) in stem cell myeloproliferative disorder. (FGFR1 at 8p12 and CEP1 at 9q33)



- Park TS, Song J, Kim JS, Yang WI, Song S, Kim SJ, Suh B, Choi JR. 8p11 myeloproliferative syndrome preceded by t(8;9)(p11;q33), CEP110/FGFR1 fusion transcript: morphologic, molecular, and cytogenetic characterization of myeloid neoplasms associated with eosinophilia and FGFR1 abnormality.
Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2008 Mar;181(2):93-9. PMID: 18295660

- Guasch, G.; Mack, G. J.; Popovici, C.; Dastugue, N.; Birnbaum, D.; Rattner, J. B.; Pebusque, M.-J. : FGFR1 is fused to the centrosome-associated protein CEP110 in the 8p12 stem cell myeloproliferative disorder with t(8;9)(p12;q33). Blood 95: 1788-1796, 2000. PubMed ID : 10688839