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panlobar nephroblastomatosis

Friday 13 January 2006


- renal anomalies

  • bilateral nephromegaly (renal weight almost 10 times normal)
  • bilaterally large cerebriform kidneys
  • numerous small lobulations containing immature glomeruli admixed with primarily intralobar nephrogenic rests without Wilms tumor (18275253)
  • finely nodular externally, solid
  • cerebriform on cut section
  • diffusely distorted architecture of jumbled lobules
  • hyperplasia of cortical-type tissue with inconspicuous proximal tubules
  • relative hypoplasia of medullary tissue
  • tubulointerstitial dysplasia
  • multicystic renal dysplasia (MRD) (8108294)
  • perilobar nephrogenic rests


- other renal anomalies

  • multicystic renal dysplasia (MRD) (8108294)
  • tubulointerstitial dysplasia

- oligohydramnios sequence (Potter sequence)

  • small thorax
  • respiratory insufficiency
  • Potter facies
  • hypoplastic lungs (pulmonary hypoplasia)

- fetal ascites

- brain

  • fibrolipomatous hamartomas
    • yellow gelatinous mass in lateral ventricles
    • pseudomyxoid matrix with delicate fibers and focal adipocyte clusters, all confined within choroid plexus

- chromosomal anomalies


- multinodular hyperplastic pannephric nephroblastomatosis (MHPN)

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- nephroblastematoses


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