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20q13 amplification

Thursday 5 January 2006


- adenocarcinomas

  • mammary adenocarcinomas (breast cancer) (16899599)
  • ovarian carcinomas
  • colonic adenocarcinomas
  • pancreatic ad√©nocarcinomas
  • gastric adenocarcinomas (12845628)

- squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs)

- cerebral tumors

Candidate genes

- STK6
- ZNF217 (MIM.602967)
- NABC1 (novel amplified in breast cancer-1) (MIM.602968)


Amplification at 20q13 occurs in a variety of tumor types and is associated with aggressive tumor behavior. Kallioniemi et al. (1994) found increased copy number involving 20q13 in 40% of breast cancer cell lines and 18% of primary breast tumors.

Other comparative genomic hybridization studies revealed copy number gains at 20q13 in greater than 25% of cancers of the ovary (ovarian carcinomas), colon (colonic adenocarcinomas), head and neck (head and neck carcinomas), brain (cerebral tumors), and pancreas (pancreatic carcinomas).

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