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polyglucosan bodies

Tuesday 3 January 2006


- Lafora bodies
- Lafora body-like inclusions
- Bielschowsky bodies
- GSD4 type polyglucosan bodies

Etiology (polyglucosan diseases)

- Lafora bodies

  • Lafora disease

- Lafora body-like inclusions

  • Disulfiram treatment

- glycogen storage disease type 4 (GSD4)
- adult polyglucosan body disease (APBD) (MIM.263570)

See also

- cellular inclusions

  • cytoplasmic inclusions


- Congenital type IV glycogenosis: the spectrum of pleomorphic polyglucosan bodies in muscle, nerve, and spinal cord with two novel mutations in the GBE1 gene. Nolte KW, Janecke AR, Vorgerd M, Weis J, Schröder JM. Acta Neuropathol. 2008 Nov;116(5):491-506. PMID: 18661138