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Monday 19 December 2005

CD57 is a glycoprotein with cell adhesion functions

Expression in normal cells

- NK cells (NK cells with no TCR membrane expression or gene rearrangement)
- neuroendocrine cells
- T cell subset (CD2,3,5)
- neuroectodermal tissue
- brain
- prostate
- proximal tubules of kidney

Subset of NK cells

- CD16+, CD57-: substantial NK activity
- CD16-, CD57-: no NK activity
- CD16-, CD57+: weak NK activity
- CD16+, CD57+: variable NK activity

Expression in tumors

- NK/T cell nasal lymphoma (poor prognosis)
- neuroectodermal tumors
- small cell lung cancer (some)
- prostatic adenocarcinoma
- nerve sheath origin lesions
- metanephric adenoma
- renal carcinoid tumors
- some clear cell renal cell carcinomas
- spindle cell thymomas
-  lymphomas (some)