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cervical squamous cell carcinoma

Monday 31 October 2005

cancer of the uterine cervix, cervical carcinomas ; cervical cancer

Definition : Cancer of the uterine cervix is the second largest cause of cancer deaths in women. Cervical carcinomas develop as a result of multiple genetic alterations.


- pelvic exenteration for cervical carcinoma

Allelotyping (LOH frequency > 25%) (9699535)

3p21 LOH
4p16 LOH 25%-92% 11006038
5p15 LOH
6p LOH
6q14 LOH
6q22 LOH
11q23 LOH
15q21 LOH
17p13 LOH
18q22-qter LOH
19q13 LOH

Regional amplifications

- 3q24-28 amplification (90%)
- 8q24.3 amplification
- 11q22.2 amplification
- 20q13 amplification

DNA repair

- microsatellite instability (MSI): 7% (9699535)

Overexpressed genes (17243165)

EPHB2 (1p36), CDCA8 (1p34.3), AIM2 (1q22-23), RFC4, MUC4, and HRASLS (3q27-29), SKP2 (5p12-13), CENTD3 (5q31.3), PTK2, RECQL4 (8q24), MMP1 and MMP13 (11q22.2), AKT1 (14q32.3), ABCC3 (17q21-22), SMARCA4 (19p13.3) LIG1 (19q13.3), UBE2C (20q13.1), SMC1L1 (Xp11), KIF4A (Xq12), TMSNB (Xq22), and CSAG2 (Xq28)


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