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Wednesday 28 September 2005

The Cayapa are an Ecuadorian Amerindian tribe belonging to the Chibcha-Paezan linguistic branch.

- Three major maternal lineage clusters fit into the Haplogroup A, Haplogroup B, and Haplogroup C.

- A fourth lineage, apparently unique to the Cayapa, has ambiguous affinity to known clusters.

- The time of divergence from a common maternal ancestor of the four lineage groups is of sufficient age that it indicates an origin in Asia and supports the hypothesis that the degree of variability carried by the Asian ancestral populations into the New World was rather high.


- Rickards O, Martinez-Labarga C, Lum JK, De Stefano GF, Cann RL. mtDNA history of the Cayapa Amerinds of Ecuador: detection of additional founding lineages for the Native American populations. Am J Hum Genet. 1999 Aug;65(2):519-30. PMID: 10417294