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paratubal cysts

Friday 17 June 2005

paraovarian cysts


Definition: Epithelium lined fluid filled cyst adjacent to fallopian tube. PTCs originate from the mesothelium and are presumed to be remnants of the Müllerian duct and Wolffian duct.

Paratubal cysts represent remnants of the paramesonephric or mesonephric duct, the former being more common. Most of them are asymptomatic, but they may rarely give rise to clinical problems due to enlargement or torsion.

Paratubal cysts represent remnants of the paramesonephric (mullerian cysts) or mesonephric duct (wolffian cysts), the former being more common.


- paratubal Müllerian cyst (paratubal paramesonephric cyst)
- paratubal wolffian cysts (paratubal mesonephric duct)
- paratubal endosalpingiosis
- paratubal mesothelial cyst
- paratubal simple cyst

Differential diagnosis

- hydatid cysts of Morgagni, also hydatids of Morgagni or Morgagni’s cysts
- benign neoplastic paraovarian cysts

See also

- fallopian tubes

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  • tubal diseases


- Paratubal cysts in young females as an incidental finding in laparotomies performed for right lower quadrant abdominal pain. Vlahakis-Miliaras E, Miliaras D, Koutsoumis G, Miliaras S, Spyridakis I, Papadopoulos MS. Pediatr Surg Int. 1998 Mar;13(2-3):141-2. PMID: 9563027