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MIM.167409 10q24.3-q25.1

Monday 9 May 2005


- PAX2, SOX9 cartography of the Developing Urogenital System

Expression in normal cells

- renal medullary epithelial cells (15623552)

Expression in tumors

- renal cell carcinomas (RCCs )

  • PAX2 stains less subtypes of renal cell carcinoma, and is less likely to stain mullerian carcinomas than PAX8.


- germline mutations of APX2 in

  • optic disk dysplasia
    • bilateral colobomatous disk anomaly
  • foveal hypoplasia
  • pigmented macular atrophy
  • macular anomalies (15652857)
  • optic disk anomalies (15652857)
    • bilateral colobomatous disk anomaly
  • horizontal nystagmus
  • poor visual acuity
  • foveal hypoplasia
  • bilaterally impaired vision
  • optic disk dysplasia
  • foveolar hypoplasia

- renal anomalies

- Chiari 1 malformation (10533062)

See also

- PAXs (PAX6 )

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