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Sunday 13 July 2003

Mitochondrial structure

- inner mitochondrial membrane

Mitochondrial genome

- structure
- maitenance
- replication
- mitochondrial transcription
- mitochondrial traduction
- elongation
- termination
- co-traductional phenomenons

Mitochondrial functions

- energy production/ROS (rective oxygen species)
- programmed cell death (apoptosis)
- calcium homeostasis
- gluconeogenesis
- urea cycle
- lipid synthesis
- fatty acid oxidation

Mitochondria and apoptosis

- Involvement of mitochondria in apotposis is regulated by proteins of the Bcl-2 (B-cell lymphocytic-leukaemia proto-oncogene 2 or BCL2) family. These proteins act by altering the properties of mitochondrial membranes to facilitate the release of apoptogenic proteins like cytochrome c and Smac/Diablo that, once released into the cytosol, are crucial for activating the caspase cascade of cell degradation.

- CL (cardiolipin), an unusual membrane lipid that is predominantly present in mitochondria, is required for the action of major pro-apoptotic proteins like Bid and Bax. Bid may be involved in the metabolic cycle of CL re-modelling.

Mitochondrial dynamics

Mitochondrial organelles constantly fuse and divide, and are actively transported to specific subcellular locations. These dynamic processes are essential for mammalian development, and defects lead to neurodegenerative diseases.


- mitochondrial lesions
- mitochondrial diseases

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- mitochondrial fusion
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