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TGFB superfamily

Friday 11 July 2003

TGFB proteins (TGFBs) are multifunctional peptides that control proliferation, differentiation, and other functions in many cell types. TGFB1, TGFB2 and TGFB3 all function through the same receptor signaling systems.

Members of the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) family, which include TGF-betas, activins and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), are potent regulators of cell proliferation, differentiation, migration and apoptosis.

They act through binding to and activating serine/threonine kinase receptors on the cell surface and triggering intracellular signaling pathways in which Smad proteins have essential roles.


- TGFB1 coding for TGF-beta1 (19q13.1) (MIM.190180)
- TGFB2 coding for TGFTGF-beta2 (MIM.190220)
- TGFB3 coding for TGFTGF-beta3 (MIM.190230)
- TRNs (TGF-beta-related neurotrophins): NRTN, GDNF
- activins
- bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs)

Pathology (TGF-beta-associated disorders)

- vascular diseases
- gastrointestinal diseases
- gastrointestinal neoplasia
- inherited cancer
- developmental diseases


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