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cutaneous helminthiasis

Friday 10 December 2004


— Nematode (round worm)- 2mm-35cm round and slender nonsegmented body with collagenous epicuticle surrounding a coelomique cavity containing sexually reproductive organs and digestive tract.
— - zoonotic north american Brugia
— - enterobius vermicularis
— - onchocerciasis
— - lymphatic filariasis (Wuchereria bancorfti, Brugia malayi..)
— - dirofilariasia conjunctivae infection
— - dracontiasis
— - cutaneous larva migrans (Ankylostoma caninum)

— Cestode (tape worm)- cystic larva with noncollagenous absorptive tegument with brush border (gastrodermis). Scolices disposed as sucker plates.
— -Cysticercus

— Trematode (fluke)- leafshaped nonsegmented worms with noncollagenous syncytial tegument showing specialisations(spines or tubercules, ventral sucker plates, primitive gut..)
— -Schistosoma
— -Fasciola

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  • Cutaneous north american brugiasis (cutaneous filariasis)
  • Cutaneous north american brugiasis (cutaneous filariasis)