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infantile visceral myopathy


Tuesday 12 October 2004

Familial visceral myopathy is the most common cause of chronic primary (idiopathic) intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CPIPO).


- segmental dilatation of the alimentary tract

  • multiple sites
  • megaduodenum

- degenerating muscle cells
- smooth muscle fibrosis

  • full thickness of the muscularis propria
  • often more prominent in or limited to the external layer

- degenerating muscle cells: pale, poorly defined, and fragmented
- residual thread-like remnants surrounded by collagen
- destroyed muscle cells
- apparent spaces surrounded by collagen
- vacuolated appearance of longitudinal and circular muscles

Differential diagnosis

- progressive systemic sclerosis


- congenital myopathic pseudo-obstruction
- smooth muscles of the digestive tract (megaduodenum and megacolon) and the urinary bladder (megacystis)
- megaduodenum
- megacystis

See also

- megacystis-microcolon-intestinal peristalsis syndrome
- myopathic CIPO


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