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Thursday 9 September 2004

Definition: PI3K subunit p110alpha (PIK3CA) is a subunit of PI3Ks. The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases (PI3Ks) are known regulators of cellular growth and proliferation.


PI3KCA is one of the most commonly mutated oncogenes in human cancer.

- somatic mutations in PIK3CA gene (kinase domain ++) in:

- PIK3CA mutations in the helical domain (in exon 9) and in the kinase domain (exon 20) cause tumor formation by different means.

  • PIK3CA kinase domain mutation identifies a subgroup of stage III colon cancer patients with poor prognosis. (21830111)
  • PIK3CA mutation in exon 20 is a negative prognostic factor in stage III colon cancer patients. Moreover, this negative effect is not present in stage I and II patients. (21830111)

- mammary carcinomas (breast cancer) (21830111)

  • The PI3K-Akt cascade is a key signaling pathway involved in cell proliferation, survival, and growth.
  • Activating PIK3CA mutations have been reported in breast carcinoma (BC).
  • PIK3CA mutations are significantly associated with ER+ in HER2-negative cases. (21830111)
  • A higher frequency of PIK3CA mutations is present in lobular carcinoma compared with ductal carcinoma (50% vs. 35%). (21830111)
  • There is no association between the survival and PIK3CA mutational status. (21830111)
  • In hereditary BC, PIK3CA mutations are found only in the BRCA2 group.
  • The PIK3CA mutation seems to characterize the luminal-type BC, in both sporadic and BRCA2 mutated forms, and is absent in the basal-type BC, in both the sporadic and BRCA1 mutated forms. (21830111)


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