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odontogenic cysts

Wednesday 8 September 2004

Definition: Odontogenic cysts are cysts of the jaws lined by an odontogenic epithelium (By this point, they differ from non-odontogenic cyst of jaws). Developmental odontogenic cyts and infflammtory odontogenic cysts can be distinguished.


- dentigerous cyst
- eruption cyst
- gingival cyst
- lateral periodontal cyst
- keratinizing odontogenic cyst
- calcifying odontogenic cyst
- radicular cyst
- periapical cyst
- residual cyst
- keratocyst

  • solitary keratocyst or primordial keratocyst
  • multiple keratocysts (basal cell nevus syndrome or Gorlin syndrome)

See also

- cysts of the jaws


- USCAP 2005