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ALK+ inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor

Friday 3 September 2004

Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour has been allocated to the intermediate (rarely metastasizing) category.

They are regarded as neoplasms which, in children, are quite often characterized by ALK-1 gene rearrangements, and which may recur or metastasize in as many as 5% of cases. Unfortunately, aggressive behaviour cannot always be predicted on morphological grounds.


- soft tissues
- urinary bladder
- uterus (#16160478#)


- neonatal case (#15991166#, #14577098#, #12574774#)
- aggressive inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour
- atypical inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour


- rare metastases (#15747099#)

  • rare pulmonary metastases (#15747099#)


- smooth muscle actin + (SMA +)
- ALK + (#11684952#)


- 2p23 rearrangement (ALK)

  • 19p13.1 (TPM4)
  • 1q22.23 (TPM3)
  • 17q23 (CLTCL2)

Molecular biology

- ALK/TPM4 fusion gene ( at 19p13.1)
- ALK/TPM3 fusion gene(at 1q22.23)
- ALK/CLTCL2 fusion gene (at 17q23)
- ALK/CARS fusion gene (#13679433#)

See also

- inflammatory pseudotumor


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  • ALK immunolabelling in myofibroblastic inflammatory tumor
  • ALK immunolabelling in myofibroblastic inflammatory tumor
  • ALK immunolabelling in myofibroblastic inflammatory tumor
  • ALK immunolabelling in myofibroblastic inflammatory tumor
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  • Pulmonary myofibroblastic inflammatory tumor