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Paneth cells

Friday 27 June 2003

Paneth’s cells


- Paneth cell metaplasia

- Paneth cell hyperplasia
- Paneth cell carcinoma

- Paneth cell differentiation in colonic epithelial tumors

  • Paneth cell differentiation may occur in colonic epithelial neoplasms.
  • Paneth cell differentiation is common in early colonic neoplasms that develop via the conventional adenoma-carcinoma carcinogenic pathway.
  • Activation of Apc/beta-catenin/Tcf pathway may play a role in Paneth cell differentiation in human colonic neoplasms.
  • Some studies have linked appearance of Paneth cells in colorectal adenomas to adenoma burden and male gender.
  • Synchronous CRC are not associated with Paneth cell status, or a history of AA or CRC.
  • Paneth cell presence in the adenomas of distal colorectum may be a negative indicator for synchronous AA and CRC, and seems to warrant further studies.

- Paneth Cell-Like Component in Prostate Cancer

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