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Sunday 18 July 2004


- tissue-limited or tissue-specific mosaicism with i(12p) in Pallister-Killian syndrome


- mediastinal germ cell tumors

  • with myelodysplastic syndrome

- testicular germ cell tumors (12660824, 8527395)
- intracranial germ cell tumors (12071636, 9870692, 9428355)

- primary choriocarcinoma of the bladder (11912411)
- mediastinal centroblastic lymphoma (10858038)
- acute myeloid leukaemia (8652392)

See also

- i(12)(p10)


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- Germ cell tumours in neonates and infants: a distinct subgroup? Veltman IM, Schepens MT, Looijenga LH, Strong LC, van Kessel AG. APMIS. 2003 Jan;111(1):152-60; discussion 160. PMID: 12752256