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MIM.148070 12q13

Tuesday 6 July 2004

keratin-18, cytokeratin-18


- germline heterozygous mutations in KRT18 in cirrhosis of undetermined cause (MIM.215600)

- KRT8 (and KRT18) proteins hyperphosphorylation

  • site-specific keratin phosphorylation in liver disease is a progression marker when increased and a likely regression marker when decreased (15368451)
  • KRT8 (and KRT18) phosphorylation plays a significant and site-specific role in regulating keratin filament organization, association with binding proteins, and modulation of cell cycle progression. (15368451)

IHC marker

- Classic dot-like staining pattern for keratin 8/18 (KRT8 / KRT18 ) in a small cell carcinoma


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