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cutaneous mastocytosis

Thursday 17 June 2004


- cutaneous mastocytoma

- solitary mastocytoma

- systemic mastocytosis : 6/M urticaria, Darier sign+; Metachromatic staining of granules by Giemsa.


- solitary mastocytoma
- urticaria pigmentosa
- systemic mastocytosis
- TMEP (telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans)

DERMATOPATHOLOGY: First 3 variants have perivascular or diffuse mast cells within the upper dermis with occasional subepidermal bulla formation. TMEP has telangiectatic vessels with increased perivascular mast cells (>10 mast cells per 40x field). Mast cells are highlighted with Giemsa or toluidine blue special stains. Immunohistochemistry with CD117 antibodies may also be used.

DIFFERENTIAL: collections of mast cells may resemble nevus cells, histiocytes, Langerhans cells, and leukemic infiltrates


- "fried egg" appearance
- subepidermal blister formation

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