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sucutaneous angiolipoma

Monday 14 June 2004

Digital slides

- UI:738 - Subcutaneous angiolipoma (Lipohemangioma)

Angiolipomas are typically subcutaneous and often painful.


- cellular angiolipoma


Because they lack the typical cytogenetic abnormalities seen in ordinary lipomas, some have speculated that they may actually be of vascular origin but with an abundant lipomatous component.


- mature adipose tissue admixed with multiple small capillaries, many of which contain fibrin thrombi.

Differential diagnosis

- lipomas

  • spindle cell lipoma
    - hemangiomas
    - Kaposi sarcoma

Case records

- pathxchange.org #10832


  • Angiolipoma
  • Angiolipoma
  • Angiolipoma
  • Angiolipoma
  • Angiolipoma