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splenic infarction

Friday 21 May 2004


Definition : Splenic infarction is a condition in which oxygen supply to the spleen is interrupted, leading to partial or complete infarction (tissue death due to oxygen shortage) in the organ.

Complications include a ruptured spleen, bleeding, an abscess of the spleen (for example, if the underlying cause is infective endocarditis) or pseudocyst formation.

Splenectomy may be warranted for persistent pseudocysts due to the high risk of subsequent rupture.


- sickle cell trait / drepanocytosis / sickle cell anemia
- hereditary spherocytosis and sickle cell trait (118082724)

Splenic infarction can be due to vasculitis or disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIVC). Various other conditions have been associated with splenic infarction in case reports, for example granulomatosis with polyangiitis or treatment with medications that predispose to vasospasm or blood clot formation, such as vasoconstrictors used to treat esophageal varices, sumatriptan or bevacizumab.

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