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prune belly sequence

Wednesday 19 May 2004

Prune belly syndrome or sequence (PBS) is a triad consisting of abdominal musculature hypoplasia, urinary tract malformations, and cryptorchidism. It is frequently associated with other congenital malformations.

The etiology, however, remains uncertain. Theories of mesenchymal maldevelopment, obstruction, and genetic origin have been proposed.


- megacystis
- urinary tract defects
- abdominal muscle deficiency (abdominal wall hypoplasia)
- cryptorchidism


- obstructive form (urethral obstruction sequence)

  • urethral atresia (urethral agenesis)
  • posterior urethral valves
  • meconial urethral obstruction

- non-obstructive form

  • urinary bladder abnormal innervation
  • visceral myopathy
    • megacystis-microcolon-hypoperistalsis syndrome (MMIH syndrome) (MIM.249210)


- pulmonic stenosis, mental retardation, and deafness (MIM.264140)
- digestive anomalies (3537997)

  • gastrointestinal malrotation
  • mesenteric anomalies
  • severe malformations of midgut and hindgut
  • distal digestive stenoses
  • distal digestive atresias
  • postnatal volvulus
  • higher risk for persistence of the common fetal cloaca

See also

- urethral obstruction sequence (UOS)


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