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Frasier syndrome

Thursday 8 April 2004

Definition: Frasier syndrome is a rare disorder defined by gonadal dysgenesis, male pseudohermaphroditism and progressive glomerulopathy. It is caused by mutations in the donor splice site in intron 9 of the WT1 gene.

The occurrence of symptoms is associated with a decrease in the ratio of the lysine-threonine-serine (+/- KTS) isoform of the WT1 protein.

Mutations in the WT1 gene are present in children with Frasier syndrome, Denys-Drash syndrome, WAGR syndrome, and some cases of Wilms tumor.

WT1 is necessary for normal urogenital development.

Frasier syndrome is an association between focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, beginning in the second and third decade, male to female sex reversal, and dysgenetic gonads.

Early prophylactic resection of dysgenetic gonads is indicated in children with Frasier syndrome to prevent the development of germ cell malignancy.


- 46,XY male to female sex reversal (46,XY phenotypic female)

  • male pseudohermaphroditism with retentio testis
  • hypoplastic uterus
  • cord-like gonadal structures
  • gonadal dysgenesis (dysgenetic gonads)
  • foci of gonadoblastoma in dysgenetic gonads
  • hypospadias
  • cryptorchidism

- in females

  • atrophic ovaries

- nephrotic syndrome

- tumoral predisposition


- constitutional mutations in the WT1 gene

  • donor splice site heterozygous mutations in intron 9
  • donor site mutation IVS9+5G>A of the splice site in the intron 9
  • The ratio of +/-KTS splice variants of the Wilms’ tumour suppressor protein WT1 mRNA is determined by an intronic enhancer. (18756326)

See also

- Denys-Drash syndrome


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