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MIM.601704 - Mig

Thursday 18 March 2004

With the exception of SDF1, which maps to 10q11.1, all the CXC chemokine genes for which data are available have been localized to 4q, most of them to 4q12-q13.


While most CXC chemokines are chemotactic for neutrophils, MIG and INP10 are unusual and similar in being CXC chemokines that are chemotactic for lymphocytes and inactive in neutrophils.

CXCL9 is a T-cell chemoattractant inducible by gamma interferon (MIM.147570) that is a member of the chemokine family of cytokines. INP10 (SCYB10) (MIM.147310) is another member of this family of small, inducible, secreted proteins.