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hepatic fibrosis

Thursday 11 March 2004

liver fibrosis, liver fibrogenesis

Digital cases

- HPC:403 : Cirrhosis in glycogen storage disease type 4 (GSD4)
- HPC:404 : Cirrhosis after parenteral nutrition


- portal fibrosis
- periportal fibrosis
- septal hepatic fibrosis
- portal and septal fibrosis (perilobular fibrosis)
- sinuosidal fibrosis ( perisinusoidal fibrosis ) / chicken-wire like hepatic fibrosis
- pericentral fibrosis
- hepatic phlebosclerosis


- C5 (Complement factor 5) gene variants


- Hillebrandt S, Wasmuth HE, Weiskirchen R, Hellerbrand C, Keppeler H, Werth A, Schirin-Sokhan R, Wilkens G, Geier A, Lorenzen J, Kohl J, Gressner AM, Matern S, Lammert F. Complement factor 5 is a quantitative trait gene that modifies liver fibrogenesis in mice and humans. Nat Genet. 2005 Aug;37(8):835-43. PMID: 15995705