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Cowper glands

Monday 14 March 2022

Bulbourethral gland


Definition : Cowper glands / Bulbourethral glands are also called bulbourethral glands because they are located surrounding the bulbar portion of the urethra, outside of the prostate Most commonly, they can be found in TURP specimens, but occasionally they may be seen in needle biopsies or in biopsies from urethral stricture.

They are the homologous of Bartholin glands in women. They secrete clear fluid prior to ejaculation that helps to lubricate the urethra and a small proportion of the fluid of the ejaculate.

They are composed of mucinous acini arranged in a lobular pattern with intercalated ducts.

Differential diagnosis

- prostatic adenocarcinoma

  • Gleason score 3+3=6, especially foamy gland variant