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intramural fibrin deposition

Sunday 23 January 2022

Intramural fibrin deposition is the preferred term to replace intimal fibrin cushion. It should be qualified as being isolated if there is no more than one such lesion per slide. Whether the lesion is recent or remote should be noted.

The location of the fibrin deposition is subendothelial or intramuscular, and thus intramural. It is also noted that the depositions are, by definition, nonocclusive.

The criteria for intramural fibrin deposition must be respected : fibrin or fibrinoid deposition (subendothelial or intramuscular) within the wall of large fetal vessels, with calcification.

Although intramural fibrin deposits likely reflect global FVM, the significance of finding an isolated intramural fibrin deposition is unclear. As such, quantification may facilitate further clinicopathologic studies.

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