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endocervical glandular atypia

Tuesday 7 December 2021

endocervical glandular dysplasia ; endocervical glandular dysplasia (atypical hyperplasia) ; United Kingdom CGIN : cervical glandular intraepithelial neoplasia ; Glandular dysplasia



- Glandular atypia

  • Glandular cells with hyperchromatic nuclei with only occasional mitotic figures and minimal pseudostratification
  • No cribriform areas, no papillary projections, no crowding, no mitotic figures
  • Alternatively there is marked atypia involving only a single gland
  • Normal N/C ratio

- Glandular dysplasia

  • Resembles adenocarcinoma in situ but nuclei are not malignant and have fewer mitotic figures OR malignant involvement of only one gland

Differential diagnosis

- reactive glandular atypia
- Arias-Stella reaction
- inflammation
- microglandular hyperplasia
-  metaplasia
- radiation
- tamoxifen or oral contraceptives

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