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erythema nodosum

Monday 16 August 2021



- A prototype of septal panniculitis, characterized by vascular changes, septal inflammation, hemorrhage and variable acute and chronic panniculitis
- Both septal and lobular panniculitis
- Marked septal fibrosis, infiltrated by lymphocytes, neutrophils, histiocytes and granulomas with giant cells
- Septal infiltrate spills over to affect the fat lobules
- Dermis shows perivascular and periadnexal chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate
- Early, the septal inflammation is acute and characterized by neutrophils, soon replaced by lymphocytes and histiocytes
- Variable eosinophils, variable vasculitis

- Miescher radial granuloma: characteristic finding of erythema nodosum;

  • septal collection of histiocytes surrounding a cleft (appear to look like spaces);
  • reported in Sweet syndrome, nodular vasculitis and necrobiotic lipodica

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