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localized giant cell tumor of tendon sheath

Wednesday 18 February 2004

nodular tenosynovitis; tenosynovial giant cell tumor, localized type; GCTTS localized type; Nodular Tendosynovitis; Fibrous Histiocytoma of Tendon Sheath; Benign Synovioma; Xanthogranuloma; Giant Cell Tumor of the Tendon Sheath - Localized Type; giant cell tumor of tendon sheath, localized type.

Digital cases

- HPC:185 : Localized giant cell tumor of tendinous sheath (nodular tenosynovitis).
- UI:854 : Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath.
- JRC:6563 : Nodular tenosynovitis (localized tenosynovial giant cell tumor).

Definition: The localized giant cell tumor of tendon sheath (nodular type) is usually a small circumscribed and lobulated mass affecting mainly the hands, although non-articular arm and leg lesions have been recognized.

The majority of tumors are cellular, with numerous multinucleated benign giant cells evenly dispersed throughout the lesion. Accompanying them are variable numbers of inflammatory cells such as lymphocytes and histiocytes and the rounded stroma cell.

Hemosiderin is typically present and occasionally quite prominent. The lesion has cleft-like spaces, and a scattered mitotic figure may be found.

Although clearly benign, local recurrence occurs in about one-fifth of cases.

Differential diagnosis

- foreign body granuloma
- necrobiotic granuloma
- tendinous xanthoma
- fibroma of the tendon sheath


- 1p11-13 structural rearrangements (12447678, 10392632)

- 16q24 (8646750)

Digital slide

- PathDx #2213

See also

- giant cell tumor of tendon sheath (GCTTS) (HP.4454)

  • diffuse giant cell tumor of tendon sheath (diffuse GCTTS or GCTTS diffuse type)
    • malignant GCTTS diffuse type (HP.15303)