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adnexal tumors

Saturday 16 February 2019

cutaneous adnexal tumors


Definition: Cutaneous adnexal tumours encompass a wide group of lesions with apocrine, eccrine, follicular, sebaceous and mixed differentiation.

The large majority are benign and represent sporadic lesions, though malignant forms are occasionally encountered.

Some cases develop in the setting of inherited tumor predisposition syndromes.


- cutaneous follicular tumors
- cutaneous sebaceous tumors
- cutaneous apocrine tumors
- cutaneous eccrine tumors

See also : diagnosis of adnexal tumors

Main appearance

-  cystic adnexal tumors
- basaloid adnexal tumors
- squamoid adnexal tumors
- glandular adnexal tumors
- biphasic adnexal tumors

Main types

- sebaceous tumors
- sweat gland tumors
- cutaneous follicular tumors / hair follicle tumors


- sebaceaous tumors

- sweat gland tumors

- cutaneous follicular tumors / hair follicle tumors

Main appearance

- cystic adnexal tumors
- basaloid adnexal tumors
- squamoid adnexal tumors

Predominant differentiation

- predominant apocrine and eccrine differentiation
- predominant follicular differentiation
- predominant sebaceous differentiation
- predominant myoepithelial differentiation
- predominant multilineage differentiation

Site-specific adnexal neoplasms

- nipple and areola
- anogenital mammary-like glands
- major and minor vestibular glands
- adnexal lesions of the vulva

- adnexal lesions of the penis

Patterns in sweat gland tumors

- cystic adnexal tumors

  • dermal cyst with double cuboidal lining or columnar lining : hidrocystoma
  • cystic space and papillary projections : syringocystadenoma papilliferum

- basaloid adnexal tumors

  • - blue basaloid proliferation in dermis : spiradenoma and cylindroma

- squamoid adnexal tumors

  • solid pink or clear or squamoid proliferation in epidermis and/or dermis +/- cystic change : acrospiroma

- glandular adnexal tumors

- tadpoles / Paisley tie syringoma

- dermal nodule with variable mixture of cords / chains / tubules and chondromyxoid stroma mixed tumor : chondroid syringoma

See also

- cutaneous tumors
- cutaneous nodules

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