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mammary carcinoma with medullary features

Monday 14 May 2018

Carcinoma with medullary features (CMF) of the breast


Definition: Carcinoma with medullary features (CMF) includes :
- mammary medullary carcinoma
- atypical medullary carcinoma
- invasive carcinoma, no special type (NST) with features of pushing borders, syncytial growth, high grade nuclei and prominent lymphoid infiltrate.

WHO Classification of Tumors of the Breast (2013) recommends using the term Carcinoma with medullary features (CMF) rather than medullary carcinoma or atypical medullary carcinoma.

It is a subset of triple negative (ER-, PR-, HER2-) breast carcinoma.

Medullary carcinoma represents @<@ 1%, however up to 20% of invasive breast cancers reportedly have some medullary features.

It is the most common type of breast carcinoma in patients with BRCA1 germline mutation.

It shows increased expression of cell adhesion proteins