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angulated giant cell with clefting

Friday 21 April 2017

Angulated Giant Celsl with Clefting

Nodular Tenosynovitis (NTS) is a fairly common soft tissue lesion, often diagnosed as benign lesion clinically. Occasionally these, especially the recurrent lesions may mimic a malignant tumor, clinically and to a certain extent histologically.

Giant cells are sparse in some tumors. When present, they are not the classical osteoclastic type, having fewer nuclei (average: 13). They have a peculiar angulated rather than smooth rounded border (64% angulated) with clefting (88% clefted).

Awareness of the typical presentation, location and characteristic morphology should make the lesion easily recognizable.

In a typical or recurrent lesions, a careful search for the sparsely distributed giant cell with a peculiar shape, presence of foamy histiocytes and iron demonstrable with a simple iron stain can make the diagnosis.


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