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thoracic myoepithelial tumors

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Thoracic Myoepithelial Tumor

Definition: Thoracic myoepithelial tumors (MTs) are a rare group of tumors showing predominant or exclusive myoepithelial differentiation.

In a study, gene rearrangements were identified in half of the cases, with EWSR1-PBX1, EWSR1-ZNF444, and FUS-KLF17 fusions identified. No cases were found to have HMGA2 or PLAG1 abnormalities.

Compared with fusion-negative tumors, fusion-positive tumors tended to occur in patients who were younger (50 vs. 58 y), female (1:3 vs. 3:1 male:female ratio), and demonstrated predominantly spindle and clear cell morphology.

Authors identify a subset of thoracic MTs harboring rearrangements in EWSR1 or FUS . Some data suggest that necrosis and increased mitotic activity correlate with aggressive clinical behavior.

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