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cribriform architecture

Thursday 29 September 2016

cribriform lesions; cribriform pattern ; cribriform anomalies

Definition : Epithelial arrangement with round or oval cavities. Not slit-like cavities or irregular cavities.

Background cells tend to be uniform with monomorphic round cell population with punched-out appearance.


- cribriform glands with necrosis in prostate. Gleasons pattern 5

- cutaneous cribriform apocrine carcinoma

- adenoid cystic carcinoma


- mammary cribriform anomalies / cribriform lesions of the breast
- prostatic cribriform anomalies
- salivary gland cribriform anomalies
- mammary carcinomas
- prostatic carcinomas
- endometrial carcinomas
- colorectal carcinomas
- sinonasal carcinomas

- cribriform tumors

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