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MYC amplification

HGNC:7553 8q24 MIM:190080

Monday 8 August 2016


- Amplification of MYC and nuclear expression of MYC is present in secondary angiosarcoma but not atypical vascular lesion (AVL). (22121953)

  • Secondary angiosarcoma and benign but microscopically atypical vascular proliferations (herein referred to as atypical vascular lesion or AVL) are rare consequences of radiation therapy and/or chronic lymphedema most commonly seen in breast cancer patients.
  • Differentiating angiosarcoma from AVL can be difficult due to overlapping clinical and microscopic features.
  • Amplification of MYC has been associated with 55-100% of secondary angiosarcomas but is reportedly absent in AVL.

- Atypical vascular lesions (AVLs) and angiosarcomas (ASs) are well-recognized complications of radiotherapy for breast cancer.

  • Early diagnosis may be challenging, particularly on small biopsies, and the treatment options are limited.
  • MYC and sometimes FLT4 gene amplification has been reported in AS, but not in AVL, and FLT4 may be a target for therapy. (25864386)

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