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metastatic cardiac myxoma

Monday 27 June 2016

Cardiac myxomas ( cardiac myxoma ) are the most frequent benign tumors among the primary cardiac neoplasms, with ossification in 8% of cases, and left atrial myxoma is more likely to be ossified than right atrial myxoma.

Multiple myxomas may occur in association with Carney complex, a syndrome characterized by multiple neoplasia featuring cardiac, endocrine, cutaneous, and neural tumors.

However, the family history and the physical, radiological, and laboratory examinations ruled out this systemic disease.

It was reported that embolism of CM occurred in the central nervous system in 21% of CM cases and in the extremities in 13% of CM cases,2 which determines the prognosis.

The cutaneous emboli of myxoma can be the earliest symptom of CM.

The risk factors of CMs that are prone to metastasize are considered to be as follows: CM with cellular atypia and mitoses, familial history of CM, Carney complex, and polypoid atrial myxoma .

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