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Wednesday 1 April 2015



- hemicolectomy

  • right hemicolectomy
  • left hemicolectomy
  • extended hemicolectomy[citation needed]

- sigmoidectomy

  • It is a resection of the sigmoid colon, sometimes including part or all of the rectum (proctosigmoidectomy).
  • When a sigmoidectomy is followed by terminal colostomy and closure of the rectal stump, it is called a Hartmann operation; this is usually done out of impossibility to perform a "double-barrel" or Mikulicz colostomy, which is preferred because it makes "takedown" (reoperation to restore normal intestinal continuity by means of an anastomosis) considerably easier.[citation needed]

- total colectomy
- total proctocolectomy

  • If the rectum is also removed.

- Subtotal colectomy is resection of part of the colon or a resection of all of the colon without complete resection of the rectum.

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