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oral squamous cell carcinoma

Tuesday 23 September 2014

oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma; OSCC; oral SCC

Definition: Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) represents 95% of all forms of head and neck cancer, and over the last decade its incidence has increased by 50%.

Oral carcinogenesis is a multistage process, which simultaneously involves precancerous lesions, invasion and metastasis. Degradation of the cell cycle and the proliferation of malignant cells results in the loss of control mechanisms that ensure the normal function of tissues.


- Squamous cell carcinoma, papillary, oral mucosa

Intraoperative Margin Assessment

The surgical method of margin sampling affects local control, pathologists’ approach to margin sampling, and clarity of pathology reports.

Studies have shown that exclusive reliance on tumor bed margins is associated with worse local control and should be avoided.

En bloc resections and margins obtained from the resection specimen remain the “gold standard.”

Successful surgical treatment of early carcinomas of the oral cavity relies on close cooperation between surgeons and pathologists on issues of specimen orientation and margin sampling.

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Prognostic markers

- MicroRNAs

  • MicroRNAs MiR-218, MiR-125b, and Let-7g predict prognosis in patients with oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma. (25050621)

- Tregs

  • High level of Tregs is a positive prognostic marker in patients with HPV-positive oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas.

- p16INK4A and p14ARF gene promoter hypermethylation (24803719)

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