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nasopharyngeal low-grade papillary adenocarcinoma

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Low-grade papillary adenocarcinoma of nasopharynx

Definition: Thyroid-like low-grade nasopharyngeal papillary adenocarcinoma (TL-LGNPPA) is an extremely rare neoplasm characterized by morphological analogy to papillary thyroid carcinoma and abnormal expression of thyroid transcription factor-1 (TTF-1).

Histologically, the tumor consists of papillary growth of cuboidal or columnar epithelium. Tubular architecture and a spindle cell component were also observed focally. Some tumor cells exhibited intra-nuclear cytoplasmic inclusions.

Immunohistochemically, the neoplastic cells are positive for pancytokeratin (AE1/AE3), CK7, CK19, TTF-1, vimentin and HBME1, but negative for thyroglobulin, Pax8 and CK5/6.

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