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pulmonary fibroadenoma

Wednesday 19 November 2014


Definition: Pulmonary adenofibroma is a rare benign biphasic tumor of the lung composed of epithelial and stromal components. Pulmonary adenofibromas have variously been interpreted as hamartomas or as pseudopapillary variants of solitary fibrous tumour.

These are tumours of middle aged adults.


These are solitary peripheral "coin" lesions.


There are large pseudopapillae covered by bland cuboidal epithelium. The stroma is fibrous, containing bland spindle cells. There is a resemblance to adenofibroma of the female genital tract.

Differential diagnosis

- solitary fibrous tumour with entrapped glands: in adenofibroma the glands are more evenly distributed.

- pleuropulmonary blastoma




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