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benign follicular nodule

Sunday 1 September 2013

Benign follicular nodule (colloid goiter, colloid nodule, adenomatoid nodule, etc.)

- Papanicolaou Society atlas


- benign follicular cells
- colloid
- abundant thick colloid
- abundant colloid with "pavementing" ("cracking," "windowpane") artifact
- pseudopapillary hyperplasia
- benign oncocytic metaplasia
- Graves’ disease: monolayered sheets with flame cells
- Graves’ disease: flame cells
- Reactive Cyst Lining Cells with Hemosiderin Pigment
- Graves Disease: Stimulated follicular cells and marginal eosinophilic cytoplasmic vacuoles with terminal frayed edges.
- Benign adenomatous hyperplasia: Adenomatous hyperplasia in a benign follicular nodule. The three dimensional structures are acini and not papillary groups.