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Monday 17 December 2012


- KRAS-associated peripheral nerve sheath tumors

  • KRAS-G12S-associated peripheral nerve sheath tumors (23190154).
  • RAS pathway activation due to BRAF V600E and KRAS mutations is an important event in a subset of peripheral nerve sheath tumours not related to NF. (23190154)
  • Benign (BPNST) and malignant (MPNST) peripheral nerve sheath tumours occur either sporadically or are related to neurofibromatosis (NF).
  • The mechanisms involved are well known in NF-related tumours, but still remain unclear in sporadic cases.
  • Somatic BRAF and KRAS mutations represent the most frequent genetic events in melanocytic neoplastic lesions.
  • Because melanocytes and Schwann cells both derive from neural crest cells, BRAF and KRAS mutations might influence BPNST and MPNST development.


- BRAF V600E and KRAS G12S mutations in peripheral nerve sheath tumours. Serrano C, Simonetti S, Hernández-Losa J, Valverde C, Carrato C, Bagué S, Orellana R, Somoza R, Moliné T, Carles J, Huguet P, Romagosa C, Ramón Y Cajal S. Histopathology. 2012 Aug 31. PMID: 23190154