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Wednesday 28 November 2012

A20 (TNFAIP3) is a nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB)-inducible component of tumour necrosis factor and Toll-like receptor intracellular signal transduction.

It negatively regulates NF-κB, and has been identified as a tumour suppressor. Several studies have described A20 inactivation by deletion of the A20 locus at 6q23, inactivating mutations, and/or methylation of the A20 promoter in various lymphoma entities.

A20 loss can be detected by immunohistology with a sensitivity similar to that of complex molecular and genetic methods.


- A novel A20 (TNFAIP3) antibody (Ber-A20) can be used to detect unmutated A20 by immunohistology. Hirsch B, Grünbaum M, Wagner F, Bi Y, Lucka L, Du MQ, Stein H, Dürkop H. Histopathology. 2012 May;60(6B):E19-27. PMID: 22393903