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gallbladder anomalies

Tuesday 6 November 2012



- congenital anomalies
- gallstones
- cholesterolosis
- cholelithiasis
- cholecystitis

  • acute cholecystitis
  • chronic cholecystitis
  • xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis

- adenomyomatosis (diverticular disease )
- mucosal hyperplasia
- mucosal metaplasia
- mucosal dysplasia
- tumors of the gallbladder

  • mucosal tumors
  • non-mucosal tumors

Anomalies to class

- Congenital anomalies

  • abnormal position
  • agenesis
  • cysts
  • diverticula
  • duplication
  • heterotopia
  • hourglass
  • hypoplasia
  • micro gallbladder
  • multiseptate
  • Phrygian cap

- Cholecystitis

  • acute
  • AIDS-related
  • chronic
  • emphysematous
  • eosinophilic
  • follicular
  • gangrenous
  • granulomatous
  • hemorrhagic
  • malakoplakia
  • porcelain
  • xanthogranulomatous

- Non-tumor

- Benign gallbladder tumors

- Dysplasia

  • dysplasia-carcinoma sequence

- Malignant gallbladder tumors

Alphabetical table of contents
A-E: abnormal position acute cholecystitis adenoma-extrahepatic bile ducts adenoma-gallbladder adenomyomatous hyperplasia adenomyosis-gallbladder agenesis AIDS-related cholecystitis anatomy-extrahepatic bile ducts anatomy-gallbladder biliary intraepithelial neoplasia (BilIN) carcinoid-extrahepatic bile ducts carcinoid-gallbladder carcinoma in situ carcinoma-extrahepatic bile ducts choledochal cyst choledocholithiasis cholelithiasis cholesterol polyp cholesterolosis chronic cholecystitis congenital anomalies-general cystadenoma-extrahepatic bile ducts cysts-gallbladder diverticula duplication dysplasia-carcinoma sequence dysplasia-extrahepatic bile ducts dysplasia-general embryology emphysematous cholecystitis eosinophilic cholecystitis Ewings/PNET extrahepatic biliary atresia

F-N: features to report-extrahepatic bile ducts features to report-gallbladder fistula follicular cholecystitis frozen section gallbladder carcinoma gallbladder in extrahepatic bile duct obstruction gallstone classification gallstone ileus gangrenous cholecystitis gastrointestinal stromal tumor granular cell tumor-gallbladder giant cell tumor-extrahepatic bile ducts granular cell tumor-extrahepatic bile ducts granulomatous cholecystitis grossing hemorrhagic cholecystitis heterotopia histology-extrahepatic bile ducts histology-gallbladder hourglass gallbladder hydrops / mucocele hyperplastic/metaplastic polyp hypoplasia inflammatory polyp intracholecystic papillary tubular neoplasm-extrahepatic bile ducts intraductal papillary neoplasms-extrahepatic bile ducts large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma malakoplakia malignant fibrous histiocytoma metaplasia-extrahepatic bile ducts metaplasia-gallbladder metastases-extrahepatic bile ducts metastases-gallbladder micro gallbladder mucinous tumor multiseptate gallbladder neurofibroma-extrahepatic bile ducts

O-Z: papillary carcinoma-extrahepatic bile ducts papillary hyperplasia papillomatosis-extrahepatic bile ducts Phrygian cap physiology porcelain gallbladder primary references primary sclerosing cholangitis rhabdomyosarcoma-extrahepatic bile ducts sarcoma sarcomatoid carcinoma secondary sclerosing cholangitis signet ring cells small cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma TNM staging for extrahepatic bile duct carcinoma TNM staging for gallbladder carcinoma traumatic neuroma-extrahepatic bile ducts vasculitis villous papilloma wandering gallbladder xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis

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