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primary ciliary dyskinesia


Sunday 23 November 2003

PCD, immotile cilia syndrome

Digital case (Digital slides)

- HPC:366 : Bronchiectasis in ciliary dyskinesia

Definition: Autosomal recessive chronic pulmonary disease.


- bronchiectasis
- immotile cilia
- ciliary dyskinesia
- chronic rhinitis
- sinusitis
- nasal polyps
- abnormal dynein arms by electron microscopy

Etiology: 5 loci have been identified.

DNAI1 CILD1 MIM.242650 9p21-p13
unknown CILD2 MIM.606763 19q13.3-qter
DNAH5 CILD3 MIM.608644 5p15-p14
unknown CILD4 MIM.608646 15q13.1-q15.1
unknown CILD5 MIM.608647 16p12.2-p12.1

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- Kartagener syndrome


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